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Baby Crib Mobile Hanging Bed Bell

  • This product is a musical cookie that calms babies by playing soft music.
  • The dolls used in this pendant are very attractive and interesting.
  • This product is suitable for children from birth to over 12 months
  • This musical pendant is in the form of a cookie.
  • Plays soft music.
  • It is very easy and convenient to install and assemble this pendant.
  • The material used in this pendant is very soft and delicate.
  • The dolls of this product are made of quality raw materials without harmful chemicals.
  • One of the best items that can be bought for a baby’s room is a good quality bed hanger.
  • Mobile for crib with teddy bears Heng Run Toys
  • New in its packaging
  • Dimension : 70cm x50cm x30cm
  • New toys for your baby of getting attracted to animal shapes


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