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Farlin Baby Harness Belt

The Farlin baby harness supports the baby from both underarms average. It helps the baby to learn to walk keeping its balance, to avoid accidents or falling down. Also to save the adult’s bending back for supporting the baby. Keep your baby safe with this harness baby belt from Farlin. The three bands that are attached to it are fully adjustable, so it will definitely fit your toddler. It helps to take care of your baby wherever you go.


  • Safety Buckles and Strengthened Strap with firm Sewing
  • Adjustable Waist-Band
  • Shoulder-Band
  • Hand-Strap
  • Specially Fits Well for Toddlers Babies
  • Keeps your baby safe and Close-by
  • Suitable for Usage in Crowded or at Dangerous Places


1 in stock

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