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Feeding Bowls With Lid Pk-3 Thailand

Use and care:  

  – Should be cleaned before use with warm water or bottle washing liquid

  – Make sure there is no lid when entering the microwave, dishwasher (only the top shelf).

  – Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive pads for cleaning.

Warning : 

  – Check the food temperature before feeding it to the baby.

  – Should not be used as a toy

  – Before use, should check the product carefully. Do not use if damaged.

  – When using a microwave The outside temperature is cooler than the food. Check to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

  – Should be kept out of the reach of children.

  – Do not put in the oven or grill.

  – Store away from sunlight and heat.

  – The color of food may affect the color of the product. but does not affect the performance of the product

  – This product is suitable for heating food only. should not be cooked or prepare food

  – Please read the instructions carefully.


1 in stock

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