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Musical Baby Rattle Set with Remote Control

A colorful Rattle Set for a baby

Children’s music box with a colorful carousel will fit into every toddler’s bed. Installing it over the baby’s head is a great idea, because the rotating pendants will interest every child – even those who are anxiously crashing at bedtime. The melodies emitted by the music box are very soothing and pleasant to hear.

The carousel consists of:
– 3 hangers of animals – a bird, monkeys and bees,
– 2 round pendants with colorful patterns
– panel
– remote control


The carousel has 4 different sound modes: lullabies, nature sounds, a sound similar to that in the mother’s womb (in the womb), specially designed sound for babies). The structure of the carousel is plastic and very colorful. The pendants in the shape of animals, i.e. monkeys, birds and bees, are detachable, they can be used by the child as independent toys.

Another advantage is the 4 different play modes:

only music / sounds;

(music / sounds + lights);

music / sounds + lights + carousel rotation;

music / sounds + backlight + carousel rotation + projector.

The projector can project images both on the carousel canopy and on the ceiling. Batteries are required to start the carousel. The panel is powered by 5 x 1.5V “AA”, while the remote control is 2×1.5V “AA”


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